Mexico Trip Plan

There is a lot to see in Mexico, and your travel plan will depend on how much time you have.
The travel information provided here will help you plan your trip to Mexico.

Places of interest are:
  • Yucatan peninsula - Admiring Mayan cities and temples, enjoying Mexican Gulf beaches and islands.
    Cancun - Relaxing at days, partying at nights.
    Isla Mujeres - Nice little island for relaxation
    Tulum - Beautiful Mayan ruins.
    Chichen Itza - One of the new 7 wonders of the world!
  • Mexico City - Get a teste of the urban life of more than 20 million Mexicans.
  • Acapulco - Enjoying Pacific beaches and night parties.
  • Valle de Bravo - Great resort with water activities such as water skiing, paragliding and more.
  • Oaxaca - Nice city in the middle of Mexico. From here you can take day trips to Monte Alban and El Arbol de tule


All values are related to May 2007, when 1 US$ = approx. 11 Mexican pesos


Temperatures in Mexico are at the average of 20 degrees Celsius. The rainy season is during the summer months, mailny between May and October.
Mexico is enjoyable all year round. October to May is generally the most pleasant time to visit, while June to September period is more hot and humid.

Mexico Travel Tips

Personal Safety

Mexico is can be a dangerous place to travel if you don't follow the common safety rules.


Don't buy food on the street, unless you have a strong stomach.

Travel insurance

Be prepared with a decent travel insurance is always a good practice, and Mexico is no exception.

Hotels in Mexico

In Mexico you can find all kinds of hotels, from cheap and simple rooms to expensive all-inclusive hotels.
Browse Mexico travel destination pages for hotel reviews for each city.
Hotels Combined - search all hotel reservation sites at once!

Mexico pictures by location

Mexico Travel Information

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